Volunteer Spotlight – Bonnie

March 3, 2023

MOWGLV volunteer Bonnie Sipics smiling at her car.

“Uplifting feelings are immediate when working with and getting involved with Meals on Wheels of the Greater Lehigh Valley (MOWGLV) in countless, gratifying ways.”

Ever since retiring from both her full-time and part-time jobs, MOWGLV volunteer, Bonnie Sipics, knew that she wanted to become actively involved with the organization. It was her mission to get involved on a personal, giving level to help those individuals who were less fortunate and who were at a time in their lives when extra help was needed.

“I’ve met so many wonderful, caring people along the way, both staff and client-wise! It’s definitely a win-win all around!”

Bonnie first signed up as MOWGLV volunteer four years ago. She knew that she would be delivering life-saving meals to homebound seniors in need. What she did not expect was the impact that it would have on her. “Experiencing just how differently so many people have to live each day, alone, disconnected, some with disabilities, out of touch with our usual everyday living situations – it is surprising and unexpected, to say the least!” No matter the day, the clients, or the situation, Bonnie is always ready and willing to take on a delivery route; sometimes delivering two routes in a day. She recognizes the importance of the Meals on Wheels mission and the direct impact her service has on the clients.

Not only does Bonnie volunteer by delivering meals, but she also helps in the MOWGLV kitchen two days a week. She assists in dishing up the meals on the hot line. “Volunteering in the kitchen is just a great part of feeling connected to Meals on Wheel’s extensive endeavors to supply tasty, healthy, varied culinary dishes to so many people. The behind-the-scenes kitchen operations are amazing; truly a well-oiled machine.”

When interacting with family and friends, Bonnie will often take the time to reflect on her Meals on Wheels volunteer work. She is proud to share with others both her wonderful client interactions as well as some of the more trying situations she encounters. No matter the delivery experience she might have, she shares with her friends that every endeavor fills her with gratitude.

Volunteering for MOWGLV has been a blessing for Bonnie. She encourages everyone she meets to also become involved and to give volunteering a try. “I’ve met so many wonderful, caring people along the way, both staff and client-wise! It’s definitely a win-win all around!”

Thank you, Bonnie, for your generosity and kindness to all of the Meals on Wheels clients that you serve!