I am thrilled to announce that our new Director of Development & Communications, Dina Kovats-Bernat, started with us on Monday, May 9, and, probably what’s even more thrilling, is that she returned for day 2! Dina’s role, prior to coming to MOWGLV, was as the Director of Development at the Lehigh Valley Charter School for the Arts and, before that, she worked in development at The Swain School. She goes even further back with the Lehigh Valley as her early career was in admissions at Muhlenberg College. Dina and I will be making the rounds of the various pick-up sites so that she can meet you and learn about our most valuable partners in this work.

We had a minor emergency in the Slate Belt this morning as S-4 remained open at delivery time. Since part of new staff orientation is an introduction to what our volunteers do, it made sense for staff to pick up this route. Monica McCandless grabbed Dina and they headed up to Bangor. Dina really enjoyed her time experiencing the essence of why you do what you do. She shares the following thoughts:

Day Two on the job and I hit the road!

Today was a beautiful sunny day and the perfect day to deliver meals to our clients.  Lucky for me, I was assisting an “expert” and could learn the ropes from an experienced and seasoned Meals on Wheels staff member.  And I even got to be the passenger in the car and not the driver!  Our route today took us to the Slate Belt and Bangor area, on a beautiful, scenic route to meet 8 – 10 clients.  Mostly all were home and greeted us at their doors with smiles and appreciation for the warm meals we shared.  We even got to deliver a few meals for a feline friend, which makes me love this organization even more, as all the four-legged friends and companions are a priority, too.  Once all our meals were delivered, we got back in the car and found our way back to Meals on Wheels with the sun still shining, vibrant blue skies above, and the traffic “gods” cooperating with us on Route 22.

But what happens on those not so beautiful, picturesque days?  When the rain is pouring, when the route directions are wrong, or there are road closures and awful traffic?  What happens when clients are not answering the door, when you cannot get into the building, or even find parking to make your deliveries?  What happens is our amazing volunteers find a way!  You deal with the awful weather, you find a new route to get to your destination and you somehow get into that building to deliver the food.  Our clients still get their meals handed to them with a big smile and kind words because of your commitment, kindness, and generosity.  And without that – and without you – Meals on Wheels could not exist.  Not every day is a good one to be on the road in the Lehigh Valley, but there is good in every day and I would say our volunteers prove that time and time again. 

Dina can be reached at dinak-b@mowglv.org or 610.419.6289.  Please feel free to reach out and welcome her to the MOWGLV family!

Victoria Coyle

Chief Executive Officer