“It doesn’t take much!”

It’s been quite a few busy weeks! I felt like I was pulled in several directions at once. I’m thankful for this past weekend. Able to do some gardening prep in our yard and spending solitude time with my wife, Kris, and our two dogs, Keagan and Wally, was greatly refreshing.

During the weekend I mulled over what I wanted to share this month, even though it comes a little later than I’d planned. My hectic

pace and extra travel pushed my schedule a bit out of alignment. And, if I took a guess, I bet you can identify with all of this discombobulation. But the extra time thinking this through was helpful. I hope you find this encouraging.

As an ordained Chaplain, I’m constantly challenged to rise to the level of love and acceptance Jesus displayed in his life. For me, forgiveness, redemption, and renewal are big topics in my life. And as I think about the service done at Meals On Wheels – from the administrative staff to the thousands of volunteers – I can’t help but make a connection.

Years ago I heard a story of an older man sitting distraught in church. Loneliness and pressing struggles enveloped his thoughts. He decided this would be the last day he attended both church and life. But an unexpected hand placed on his shoulder from a person not knowing of the seated man’s dilemma changed all of his thoughts instantaneously. What that touch said was, “I see you, and you matter.” It was all that was needed to wash away the gut-wrenching hopelessness, bringing redemption.

A small note arrived on the desk of an insurance broker. In the sixteen years of her career, advocating for people haggard by huge medical bills, no one thanked her, at least not this way. But today, a hand-penned card from a cancer survivor made all the difference. The broker took a moment to send a return email she’d never sent before saying, “Thank you.” A wave of renewal washed over her.

It doesn’t take much to bring joy. Some efforts are extraordinary and require resources beyond one person, like the work of Meals on Wheels. In other times a simple touch or note can change another’s world. No, it doesn’t take much, but it does take an intentional focus off of self and onto others. This is what I believe Meals on Wheels represents and wonderfully displays day-in and day-out. Perhaps you hadn’t realized the redemption and renewal a warm smile or consistent meal brings to a person. Keep it up! It doesn’t take much!

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.”

– Philippians 2:3


Rev. Peter Keady, CC, CCISM

Chaplain, Meals on Wheels of the Greater Lehigh Valley