Some senior citizens have no children around to care for them as they get older. That is exactly what 93-year-old Betty* is facing.

Meals on Wheels of the Greater Lehigh Valley client, Betty, lost her father when she was two. Her father died at the young age of 33, leaving behind a widow and children.  The family struggled until Betty quit school to earn money.  For half a decade, she worked at various clothing and bathing suit factories in Easton while caring for her sick sibling and elderly mother.

Betty spent her life taking care of others and now there is no one to take care of her. She is experiencing increasing difficulty standing long enough to make meals.  She is an insulin-dependent diabetic with cardiac issues. Without the ability to stand, she found herself eating things she knew were not good for her medical conditions.

Betty learned of Meals on Wheels from one of her friends who lives in the same senior apartment building. After the first couple of weeks of receiving Meals on Wheels, Betty questioned why she didn’t know about the program sooner! She is thankful to have Meals on Wheels and states that “the meals are delicious!” The meals have also been good at helping her to keep her diabetes under control.

Since Betty is alone most of the day, she looks forward to the volunteer’s arrival. “They are all so wonderful and helpful!” After spending the majority of her life taking care of others, she is happy to be on the receiving end now. It comforts her knowing that there are people in the world who care and who she can rely on. Betty states that she would highly recommend MOW to her friends in the apartment building.

*Client name has been changed to protect identity.