Six years ago, Phyllis* was attending her weekly “Open Arms” church group meeting when she first heard about Meals on Wheels of the Greater Lehigh Valley. At that time, Phyllis was 86 years and living on her own. While she was still mobile and able to cook, her son, Mike* thought that MOWGLV sounded perfect for his mother. “I thought that it was a very good way to ensure that she got one hot meal a day. Also, there was the added benefit of knowing that Monday thru Friday someone would be at her house to check on her and to make sure that she was okay”.

Six years have since gone by and Phyllis is now 91 years old and living with Mike, yet she continues to receive her daily Meals on Wheels delivery. Since Mike is still working during the days, receiving meals has proven to be beneficial for both Phyllis’s physical and mental health. Mike reports that his mother is able to eat a more balanced and nutritious diet and that “the quality of the meals is beyond excellent”.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and kept Phyllis from attending church, it took a toll on her mentally. However, her favorite part of the day quickly became seeing the MOWGLV volunteers. Mike explains that his mother sits and waits each day for the volunteers to come. “it really brightens up her days. All of the volunteers are fabulous and great at what they do. They put so much joy into mom’s heart”.

Both Phyllis and Mike are thankful for the Meals on Wheels organization and they hope that more people can benefit from the service just as they have.


*Names have been changed to protect identity.