Meals on Wheels of the Greater Lehigh Valley’s client, Diane never imagined that she would need assistive care at the age of 55. Unfortunately, life had other plans for her.

Diane and her husband, Christopher, live in a small home in the Lehigh Valley’s Slate Belt. Christopher leaves the home early each day for his job in construction, leaving Diane alone until her caretaker arrives. Diane suffers from spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease. A once spry, energetic and working woman, Diane is now confined to her wheelchair often experiencing crippling back spasms throughout the day.

Since she only receives assistive care a few hours each week, Diane relies on Meals on Wheels for her daily warm meal. “I couldn’t ask my husband to leave his job every day just to cook me lunch. We rely on his paycheck” she states. Diane looks forward to the tasty meals and says that when the volunteers show up it reminds her that she needs to eat. The meals have been a great help in providing the proper nutrition that she once was lacking.

Diane is grateful to be receiving Meals on Wheels and is thrilled to be welcomed by a friendly volunteer delivering the meals each day. “It really brightens my day”.