His face and his voice are recognized throughout the Lehigh Valley — not just because he is one of the WFMZ sports newscasters — but because he has been delivering meals to homebound seniors as a Meals on Wheels volunteer!

Johnny Mangano grew up learning the importance of giving back. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas his family and church would deliver meals and gifts to those less fortunate. The simple act of giving back to people in need of food carried with him into adulthood and helped to lead him MOWGLV when he moved to Lehigh Valley.

The interactions he has with the clients is one of Johnny’s favorite parts about volunteering, “You never know who you are going to meet. You never know what someone is going through. Always keep it positive, always be nice. You might be the only one that person sees that day”. The gratitude that the clients express upon receiving their meals is something that truly touches the heart, “it is really fulfilling”.

One day Johnny delivered, the Meals on Wheels client did not answer the door. After waiting a moment, he could hear the client faintly yelling for help inside of the house. He called the MOWGLV office as he was trained to do. Then, he waited outside the client’s home until police arrived and entered the home with the police. They discovered the client had fallen the day before and was on the floor all night waiting for Johnny to come and find her. Johnny recalls that this moment was an eye-opening experience and made him realize the difficulties frail individuals face when they live alone.

By volunteering, Johnny also learned a sense of gratitude for his own life. “Be grateful for what you have. We are all so very close to switching places with these clients. Nothing separates us, except maybe some bad luck”.

We are fortunate to have Johnny as one of regular volunteers and we are still looking.  Johnny encourages everyone to get out and do what they can!