The pandemic changed things for everyone… including Meals on Wheels clients. Holiday events come and go while we all do what we can to stay connected.

Everyone is feeling a little “cooped up” and many are reporting higher levels of anxiety and depression.  These symptoms occur when people are isolated and give a glimpse of the life that many Meals on Wheels clients face every day. The feelings can be more severe when important events are rescheduled.

One Meals on Wheels client faced the postponing of a very important event. Our client, Agnes, celebrated her 90th birthday on September 4th, 2020!

Agnes’s birthday celebrations with friends and family were put on hold due to the virus. Her family sent out email appeals asking loved ones to send her birthday cards.

Due to social distancing, there could be no in-person visitors on the happy day., but Agnes did not have to celebrate her birthday alone.  Her friendly Meals on Wheels volunteers, Mike & Nancy, were happy to stop by with a warm meal and plenty of birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday, Agnes!  We hope you had a great day!