Stability. That is the word that comes to mind when I think about this agency and the services we provide. Meals on Wheels has impacted the Lehigh Valley for over 40 years. Stability.

We didn’t miss a day during the COVID “phase 1,” increased volunteer participation, and served our community by stepping up to provide food access to non-traditional clients. Stability.

This summer, we focused on the future and how to position ourselves to meet the need should the current health crisis become more severe. We want to prepare for and support the stability of our clients’ nutritional needs. To that end, we are planning for clients to have eight meals on hand—3 shelf-stable, and 5 frozen meals made in house. Staff are working on a schedule to deliver those meals over the next 6 weeks. The logistics of that are complex, but will result in stability for our clients.

As I always say, our partnership with our dedicated and very competent huge volunteer corps gets this job done. Again—stability.

Finally, you, the donor, are key to our effort. Your support creates the breathing room to get our work done and focus on meeting the demands of the future. Thank you for giving us that space. It is key to our success.