Dear Peeps! Please take PEEPS®!

As you see, we have lots and lots and lots of green PEEPS® from JustBorn. Every time I assess whether or not to accept a donation, I really think about whether we can use it or whether it will take us more time to find a way to use (or even dispose) of the donation. Many donations are made with such good will and appreciation for what we (including you) do, but the donors don’t see the practical side of our work. For example, the thought behind the PEEPS® donation was that we could hand them out to clients. All of you know that we can’t give non-menu food to clients, especially an item that is all sugar. Donors don’t think of that because they are not in this world. The thoughts behind these donations are genuine. If you know of a group that can use PEEPS®, let us know. There is no limit!

I said I would follow up with you about the survey that we asked you to fill out. We were very happy to see that 15% of you responded. That’s 189 people. While that may not seem like a lot compared to the 1,000+ people it was sent to, it actually is a statistically significant number for survey purposes. We had a good meeting with our consultants yesterday where we reviewed the data and discussed the agenda for the follow up workshop.  The workshop will be attended by our Volunteer Services Committee, a few staff, and perhaps some “topic” experts from the community. We hope to schedule this in September. We are looking forward to this workshop so that we can tackle volunteer services issues that are important to all of us. Thank you very much for participating. We value the time you took to answer and to share your thoughts.

If you participated in the volunteer survey, your name was entered into a drawing to receive a $25 Giant gift card. The winner is….drum roll……Ed Holub!

Brenda Smiley, a volunteer who picked up meals at Fritch Dr yesterday, gave us more homemade masks. There are some cute fall prints among them. Unfortunately, that is a sign that we will be wearing these for months to come. At least we get to shake it up a bit around here with some different patterns. Thank you, Brenda!

As you know, we have started to use some volunteers in the office again. We are limiting it to no more than 2 people at a time. When you come, you will have your temperature checked and be asked to sign a statement that you are symptom free and that (to your knowledge) you haven’t been around anyone with COVID symptoms, or who has the virus. We are still not using volunteers in the kitchen.

Thank you for delivering during the hottest and stickiest days of the summer. And a tropical storm/almost a hurricane. New York’s tag line these days, as it recovers from COVID-19, is “NY tough.” I might have to co-opt that for MOW volunteers. You guys are where it’s at—THANK YOU.