When the COVID-19 virus hit the Lehigh Valley two weeks ago, it seemed like the whole nation completely changed over night. Suddenly there was panic and worry, and a lack of toilet paper in every store! Yet, one thing that remained the same was the dedication from our Meals on Wheels volunteers.

Dave Follett, a retired PPL worker, has been delivering meals in Lehigh County for nearly three years. Dave confesses that he has an affinity for the older generation and helping those in need. He began volunteering for Meals on Wheels because he knew that the elderly in our community needed the extra care and support. So, it is no surprise that he continues to deliver meals amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

“Why stop now? At this point, I have my health and I am still capable. The people we are delivering to are less fortunate and need us”.

Dave appreciates all of the precautions that Meals on Wheels of the Greater Lehigh Valley is taking to keep both the volunteers and clients safe during this outbreak.

Meals on Wheels is considered an “essential service” during the Stay at Home order, but we encourage people to stop delivering if they believe they might have been exposed. Dave agrees with this and says he will stop delivering at any point he is not 100% sure he is virus-free.

Dave urges everyone to stay in touch with your neighbors and friends through phone calls during these uncertain and worrisome times. “We are all in this together. We have got to all work together to get through this”.