I am not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. I think the process is too pressured and, in being so, sets us up for disappointment. Think about it: someone will ask you—just a few days before New Year’s Eve: did you make any resolutions? If you’re like me, you will stutter and say “um… I’m going to vacuum my home twice a week, eat healthier, and exercise more, and eat less chocolate.” Right there, I’ve spontaneously created an unreasonable expectation. I should know, even before I open my mouth, that I will NEVER vacuum twice a week. (And the chocolate one is a total joke). However, I have been eating better and exercising a lot. I like to “ride the tide” with this one, which means that I’m feeling good at being good, but I know that something might throw me off. The trick is to not make myself feel like I’ve failed if that happens.

Keri asked me to write a New Year’s blog post and said it would be a good way to start off the New Year. She was right. And now it’s February. I’m not going to beat myself up for not writing a January post, but I am going to commit to at least one monthly post. Like most of you, I need the inspiration (and time) to focus.

A big thank you goes out to our Volunteer Services Committee members and a Super Bowl commercial for the inspiration to write today. What an odd combination you might fairly say! Here is the connection:

We recently surveyed our volunteers about how they would like to be recognized for supporting the mission of the agency. While we learned a lot on that topic, what struck me most was the answer to “why” they volunteered. 75% of the folks who answered were weekly volunteers. They might be meal deliverers, office, or kitchen volunteers. 90% said they volunteer to give back to their community. Here’s a sampling of their comments:

  • I began volunteering last February. I knew I would be meeting many elderly people; however, I had no idea how much these people would come to mean to me! It didn’t take very long to begin conversations and learn about one another. I love delivering MOWs!
  • I do meals on wheels because I believe this is one way God wants me to be of service to people regardless of their religion or lack of religion, but to serve people in need!
  • We do it because we enjoy it and give back to the community!

(We will use these survey results and comments to inform the direction of our Volunteer Services Committee. Please keep an eye out for more information on that within the next two weeks.)

And the connection to the Super Bowl? If you didn’t see the New York Life commercial on the four types of love, please take a few minutes to look it up and watch it. Then, you’ll know what I mean when I say our volunteers exemplify “agape” love. They expressed it in their survey responses, and they certainly express it in every activity they do to support this agency. It is their self-sacrifice, care, and concern for others that motivates them and warms our work from the inside out. Our volunteers live love.

Whether your living of “agape” comes from your religious faith, or personal philosophy, it is admirable and appreciated by all here at MOWGLV. We will do our best to reflect that appreciation back to you. (I’ll do my best to write a monthly blog post).

— Vicki