For Evan Lowery, volunteering and giving back to others is more than just a commitment you make to yourself, but a commitment you make to your community.

In 2010, Evan was 31 years old and he and his wife were both settled in their careers and were about to welcome their first child. Evan who grew up with a father who volunteered and gave his time to those in need, felt that he was in the perfect spot in his life to start giving back just as his father had done. He happened upon a billboard for Meals on Wheels. He thought, “people needs food and people need company” – this was something that he could provide.

It has been nine years since Evan made the choice to become a MOW grocery shopper and he continues to shop for the same client every Friday during his lunch break. Volunteering for MOW over these nine years has made Evan feel more connected and grounded into the Lehigh Valley. He expresses that volunteering not only strengthens your soul, but the community you live in as a whole.

Evan is not only a dedicated volunteer, but is also a donor to MOW. He gives monthly to MOW because the organization is important to him and he wants to be able to give back to the clients who need it most, while he can.

Evan states, “you never know when your last day will be. Every day you should be giving”.

Today, Evan hopes to instill in his three young sons the importance of giving back to others in need and to strengthen the community you live in.