One of the greatest pleasures that our volunteers  have when delivering meals is forming connections and friendships with our clients. Our volunteers are fully invested in the well-being of our clients, so when they observe a change in a client, they take this to heart and are quick to report on it.

Recently, our volunteer, Steve shared an update on one of his Nazareth clients, Arthur. When Arthur first started receiving meals 1 year ago, he was suffering from various ailments including hypertension, pre-diabetes, and depression. Over the last year, Steve has observed Arthur go from being weak and unhealthy, to thriving both psychically and socially. Arthur has lost 20 pounds and credits the medically tailored, portioned controlled MOWGLV meals for helping him achieve this health goal. At 86 years old, Arthur is maintaining his psychical activity through at-home pedal exercise, as well as his mental capacity by exploring the internet and even dabbling in social media!

Steve reports that as a volunteer, he feels a great responsibility towards all of all the MOWGLV clients he serves. He looks at them and feels fulfilled knowing that he is aiding in their journeys toward wellness and independence.